Sell Your Business with LTA

Licensed Trade Associates have over twenty years experience in the licensed trade together with its high reputation and integrity in the industry it´s what you need to help sell your licensed trade business.

With this experience they will not only market, promote, and sell your business, but more importantly will assist potential buyers with the purchasing process from start to finish. This greatly decreases the opportunity for a sale to fall through giving you and your buyer peace of mind.

This is an essential factor in the success of your business sale where a potential client can find within the same company, the ability to cover all aspects of the buying process, making the process simple, thus allowing the client to focus on managing their new business.

How Will You Sell My Business?

The No1 Question Licensed Trade Business Owners ask. LTA will market and sell your business via hard copy advertising, experienced networking through years of experience, and via the important medium of the internet. Currently this website ranks in Google´s TOP results for keyword phrases in the areas of Liverpool, the Wirral, Lancashire, and Merseyside for:

  • Businesses for sale
  • Pubs for sale
  • Restaurants for sale
  • Hotels for sale
  • Bars for sale
  • Clubs for sale

These factors allow your business to be marketed specifically to the people looking to buy. Licensed Trade Associates have competitive rates, and unequivocal levels of success. To ensure your business is sold promptly, please contact Bob Collins of LTA today and arrange a meeting where your needs can be discussed. Enjoy peace of mind, and let Licensed Trade Associates sell your business.

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LTA offers businesses for sale North West, North Wales, Wirral, Lancashire, businesses for sale Liverpool, and businesses for sale Merseyside.

Please Contact Bob Collins on 07721 329999 or email

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